Friday, May 20, 2011

WOW, So much to talk about...

Wow, where has 2010 gone and where is 2011 going....I have so much going on that I have not blogged for a while.... Brad:Currently he is staying home with the girls, while he is on leave from the Police force. Hopefully soon will be returning. He is coaching Kaleigh and Emma's softball team, and they are loving it. Aly is keeping him very busy in the morning when its just her and daddy. They go to the dollar store, library and of course sit in the hot tub---but they do not splash. He is an awesome father and husband, he is staying positive with all the changes and trials we have had to over come over these past months. Brittney: Oh I am so busy as always, I am currently working for a company called Dura-Crete, they are the best. I have only been here since March and they have offered me so much. I have currently put school on hold. I am excited for the changes that are coming to our family. Kaleigh: Can you believe it, she will be 8 on the 26th of May. She will be baptized on June 4th. she is growing up to fast, she loves softball and has done a wonderful job, she wants to play up until she is out of college. Although she wanted to not be girly girl for her baptism she had her Nana make her a beautiful dress that makes her look so grown up. She is very smart and is having a blast in 2nd grade, she has learned french and Spanish this year. Emma: Wow she has come out of her shell, she is in kindergarten, and does a great job. She is still my little Cinderella but with an attitude. This year she decided to play softball and has been doing such a wonderful job, she sill dances and loves it. She is excelling in her reading and is starting to recognize how to spell so much fun. Alysia: She is still my firecracker, although she is getting way to smart. She has decided that she loves dance and she has just finished her t-ball season, she was the best hitter. But she needs to be taught that we dont "tackle" for third base. She is always keeping us laughing. She learned to ride her bike with out training wheels, but likes to ride her baby bike. I can not believe how much my family has grown and I am so thankful for them in my life.

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